March 30 2020, Buckingham, UK

Up until now, we have held back on commenting on Covid-19, opting instead to defer until we were able to get a more objective perspective of the impact of the virus on our work.

Our offices in Buckingham have been closed for now and we are therefore unable to access incoming post mail: that apart, we are in a position to say that our business continues to trade as usual.

The reason for this is primarily because ours has always been a virtual business and consequently we are accustomed to remote yet collaborative working practices.

Most of the Singsong Music team work from home offices and those who did not have now relocated to hastily-converted dining tables in order to.

So, until such time as this virus dissipates, when you need us, kindly call us on our cell phones.

Or email and we’ll do the rest.

And please stay safe, stay well.


PETER MUIR  Singsong Music Marketing