Sound-tracking sunshine, post-pandemic, check out red hot single “Summertime Reggae Rule” courtesy of two cult names from the 80s and beyond!

Mixed and mastered by award-winning Klaus Bohlmann with drums by Charlie Morgan (Elton John Band, Tina Turner, Kate Bush et al) “Summertime Reggae Rule” gets revved up for the season courtesy of Vix Fuzzbox.

Vix fronted all-female quartet Fuzzbox, their 1986 debut album spawning the band’s first Top 40 hit, “Love is the Slug” before a move to WEA saw 1989’s ‘Big Bang!’ yielding Top 30 UK singles “International Rescue”, “Pink Sunshine” and “Self!”, the last also charting in the United States.

Vix’s 2008 solo album ’You’ was co-written and produced by Robin, who from his home on the Spanish costa relates:

“Vix and her voice are superb – completely irresistible. When she heard the song and told me she wanted to sing it, I just thought bring it on! And she did! I couldn’t think of a better choice of singer or personality to add the va-va-voom.”

Says Vix: “Robin and I worked with Fuzzbox back in the early nineties and carried on writing, recording and performing together on various projects over the years.

“We both love guitar-based, rootsy-pop music and while I’ve always loved Robin’s guitar style and songwriting I was surprised when he played me “Summertime Reggae Rule” simply because it was like nothing I’d heard from him before.

“I couldn’t get the catchy song out of my head so I jumped at the chance to perform on it! I think we all need something to brighten up what’s been a really tough year for everyone: and it’s perfect for a sunny day!”

There’s a great video track of the song available now (big thanks to editor Adam Pain for all his work and to all of you who submitted selfies of yourselves boogying along to the song!)




Artist:   Vix Fuzzbox & Robin George

Title:     Summertime Reggae Rule

File:      Pop

Format: Digital single

Label:   Singsong Music

Cat:       SINGSONG109

UPC:     5060683670223

Rel:       June 12th 2020