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2810, 2020

FEATURE: PIERRE’S PLASTIC DREAM – the story behind the recordings…

“Pierre’s Plastic Dream” represents an untold chapter in the story of British pop music of the 1960s. The factor common to the Jeeps, The Silence, Our Plastic Dream and The Owl is Pierre Tubbs. Furthermore, the first three of these are actually the same band under different names, writes Kieron Tyler

2610, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Kala – ‘After Quintessence – The Complete Kala Recordings 1973’ (SINGSONG130)

When Quinrtessence folded in 1972, lead singer and songwriter Phil 'Shiva' Jones and guitarist Dave 'Maha Dev' Codling formed Kala and the following year recorded a self-titled debut in London crossing the musical themes of its precursor with contemporary honeyed country rock and boogie.

2610, 2020

NEWS: Prog rock stars pay tribute to Abba!

Anglo/Celtic/American progressive rock band Zebras Don’t Smoke have beaten back the lockdown blues this summer by recording an album of ABBA covers. ‘Don’t Mention The Swedes’ (Singsong Music;SINGSONG115) is a roller-coaster ride through ABBA’s singles and album tracks, including a live mainstay never recorded by the group in ‘Get on The Carousel’.