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2307, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Zorbonauts – ‘The Unobserved Beaver’ (SINGSONG110)

With a line-up comprising the alumni of Spock’s Beard, Tears for Fears, Asia, The Buggles, Yes, Big Big Train, Genesis, Jerusalem, Eric Burdon and Iron Butterfly amongst others, you know Zorbonauts’ latest album is going to have quality stamped through it.

2307, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Alan Hull – ‘Alright On The Night’ (Live at Clifton Poly 1975) (SINGSONG107)

Recorded in November 1975 at Nottingham’s Clifton Polytechnic, "Alright On The Night" showcases brilliantly how maverick Lindisfarne front man, Alan Hull could win over an audience with warmth, wit and a generosity of spirit!

1607, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE – Jerusalem – ‘Escalator’ (SINGSONG114)

2009’s ‘Escalator’ was a re-emergence album of sorts for this British hard rock act, founded in 1969 with a self-titled debut on the legendary Deram label. Fast forward almost four decades and original vocalist, Lynden Williams and guitarist, Bob Cooke decided to record a new album after Sony Music (Japan) reissued Jerusalem’s self-titled debut in its popular Rock Legend Series.

1206, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Vix Fuzzbox & Robin George – ‘Summertime Reggae Rule’ (SINGSONG109)

Sound-tracking sunshine, post-pandemic, check out red hot single “Summertime Reggae Rule” courtesy of two cult names from the 80s and beyond! Mixed and mastered by award-winning Klaus Bohlmann with drums by Charlie Morgan (Elton John Band, Tina Turner, Kate Bush et al) “Summertime Reggae Rule” gets revved up for the season courtesy of Vix Fuzzbox.

2905, 2020

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Neil Ardley – Mike Taylor Remembered (SINGSONG106)

The 'Syd Barrett of jazz,' British composer, pianist, songwriter, Mike Taylor died tragically young, leaving just two albums, as well as co-writes with Ginger Baker for Cream’s Wheels Of Fire album, to his name. Taken from Neil Ardley’s master tapes, this is their critically-acclaimed tribute to a master of his art by friends and colleagues, themselves representing a cross-section of the cream of modern British jazz talent of the day.