As publishers, we administer compositions. It’s our job to make sure that our songwriters and composers are paid when their creations are used commercially.

We license compositions; track where they are being commercialized; collect and pay the royalties due to you.

And as marketers, we’re here to promote your compositions: to secure covers of songs with recording artists and the placement of your music (also known as synchronize) in other media such as film, television and the fast-evolving platforms that online media offers.

Singsong is a music label, too. We distribute recorded music digitally via the key download and streaming platforms.

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FEATURE: PIERRE’S PLASTIC DREAM – the story behind the recordings…

“Pierre’s Plastic Dream” represents an untold chapter in the story of British pop music of the 1960s. The factor common to the Jeeps, The Silence, Our Plastic Dream and The Owl is Pierre Tubbs. Furthermore, the first three of these are actually the same band under different names, writes Kieron Tyler

NEWS: Prog rock stars pay tribute to Abba!

Anglo/Celtic/American progressive rock band Zebras Don’t Smoke have beaten back the lockdown blues this summer by recording an album of ABBA covers. ‘Don’t Mention The Swedes’ (Singsong Music;SINGSONG115) is a roller-coaster ride through ABBA’s singles and album tracks, including a live mainstay never recorded by the group in ‘Get on The Carousel’.

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