As publishers, we administer compositions. It’s our job to make sure that our songwriters and composers are paid when their creations are used commercially.

We license compositions; track where they are being commercialized; collect and pay the royalties due to you.

And as marketers, we’re here to promote your compositions: to secure covers of songs with recording artists and the placement of your music (also known as synchronize) in other media such as film, television and the fast-evolving platforms that online media offers.

Singsong is a music label, too. We distribute recorded music digitally via the key download and streaming platforms.

To be known, music needs to be heard

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Johnny Warman – ‘Walking Into Mirrors’ (SINGSONG122)

Newly signed to Elton John’s Rocket Records, Johnny Warman’s first solo album for the label, 1981’s ‘Walking Into Mirrors’ made the Top 20 in a number of European countries and sold a respectable 100,000 copies worldwide. Includes a Top 10 hit single in Australia for ‘Screaming Jets’, featuring Peter Gabriel

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