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Peter Muir is a UK-based journalist, publicist and music industry professional. He founded London PR agency PMPR in 1985 and record label Market Square in 1999. In 2020 he launched Singsong Music to administer recording and publishing copyrights and licence music to third parties for physical release and synchronisation to film and TV entertainment and advertising media.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Jim McCarthy Band – Two Steps Ahead (SINGSONG170)

Blues rock was a key component in the music of The Yardbirds and the genre was to be revisited in the 1980s by guitarist Top Topham and drummer Jim McCarty when they decided to form a band together with bass player, Louis Cennamo (Renaissance) and play regular blues nights at west London pub, The Station Tavern.

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SYNC & LICENSING NEWS: Source from Singsong Music for your next media project…

Singsong Music has built an eclectic catalogue of music for licensing to music projects and synchronising to complementary media such as audio visual, broadcast, online and more…

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Mott – Live at the Friars Aylesbury 1976 (SINGSONG216)

Recorded live at Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England for the Friars Club 7th birthday party of June 12th 1976 this selection of five songs from a full-on set by the band that arose from the ashes of Mott The Hoople catches them at their blistering best.

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