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Peter Muir is a UK-based journalist, publicist and music industry professional. He founded London PR agency PMPR in 1985 and record label Market Square in 1999. In 2020 he launched Singsong Music to administer recording and publishing copyrights and licence music to third parties for physical release and synchronisation to film and TV entertainment and advertising media.

NEW AUDIO RELEASE – Nick Simper’s Fandango – Slipstreaming (SINGSONG214)

A founding member of Deep Purple, British music veteran Nick Simper formed Fandango in the late 1970s post-retirement of his hard-rocking act Warhorse, famed for two noteworthy albums on the collectible Vertigo label.

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FEATURE: Mott’s 1976 Paper Bags Christmas Special gets opened by Morgan Fisher

A curio in the canon of recordings by Britain’s mighty Mott The Hoople must be the band’s successors’ – under the moniker of MOTT – trampling of festive music in December 1976.

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