Artist:     Rod Clements

Title:       One Track Mind 2008

File:         Rock/Blues

Never widely available even at the time of its earlier releases, copies of ‘One Track Mind’ have long been sought after by fans of Rod Clements’s music, Lindisfarne rarities and classic blues.

1994’s debut solo album from Lindisfarne guitarist and hit songwriter Clements was retitled ‘One Track Mind 2008’, the album has been expanded to 17 tracks featuring Rod’s solo versions of blues, folk and original classics, rare guitar instrumentals, and new recordings of previously unheard early songs.

Rod had taken a break from his Lindisfarne duties to record a collection of the blues and folk standards that inspired him, throwing in solo versions of his own well-loved classics like “Meet Me On The Corner”, “Road To Kingdom Come” and “Train In G Major”.

Some tracks featured just Rod’s voice and acoustic guitar while  others enjoyed treatments of his fabulous electric slide work backed by Lindisfarne’s then rhythm section, Ray Laidlaw and Steve Cunningham.

Now all the original 1994 tracks and the additional 2001 instrumentals are available once again, supplemented by two brand new recordings of early songs written by Rod at the beginning of his career in the late 1960s: “A Dream Within A Dream” (performed once by Lindisfarne for a radio broadcast c.1970), and “Blues For A Dying Season”, recorded for the unreleased Downtown Faction album c.1969.

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  1. Hard Travelling
  2. The Train That Carried My Girl From Town
  3. Bourgeois Blues
  4. Train in G Major
  5. Ain’t No More Cane
  6. Down In The Flood
  7. Road to Kingdom Come
  8. Evil Hearted Woman
  9. Meet Me on The Corner
  10. Leather Laundrette
  11. No Turning Back
  12. Sneaky Suspension
  13. Piston Broke Again
  14. Long Vehicle
  15. No Turning Back
  16. A Dream Within A Dream
  17. Blues For a Dying Season