Singsong – getting the music out there …

Singsong Music has launched a series of Spotify playlists that nail history to music. And we’ve launched our own radio player to showcase tracks from our releases.

The playlists are on Spotify because it can enable you to create playlists, or mixes, based on your choices that with time can reveal all kinds of music you like yet may not have heard before.

These tend to be pretty errant in selection, or at best are genre-themed, but we’ve gone a step further providing more context about our artists’ work by compiling lists of their music alongside recordings they made before – or even after.

You can check these out now:



More to follow!

And then there’s our own player here at Singsong Music.

Access at the foot of the page here and it offers up 10 great tracks available from us with links (hit the info icon on the right of track bar) to their corresponding pages on our site…

Here are the first :

British Lions      Fork Talkin’ Man

Kala                     Sun

Kevin A               Speeding Heart (demo)  

IGB                      Money Lender (demo) 

Verden A            Hold On To This

Mott                    Hey! There Annie (demo)

Stray                   That is Not Enough

Jerusalem          Kamikaze Moth

Fandango          Rocky Road Blues

Joe Jammer      Please Don’t Knock