Artist:      British Lions

Title:        British Lions

File:         Rock

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Signed to the very hip Vertigo Records, British Lions’ self-titled debut hit the streets to critical acclaim in 1978.

Comprising members of MOTT (the post-Ian Hunter version of Mott the Hoople) and John Fiddler of Medicine Head, the band toured the UK supporting Status Quo on the UK leg of their Rockin’ All Over The World Tour, and then in their own right as headliners.

After a US tour, they returned in the autumn of 1978 to record a second album in ‘Trouble With Women’ – only to find themselves dropped by their US and UK labels.

Punk was blamed, spiriting as it did a backlash against rock that denied bands like Lions their due ascent through the charts.

Bonus tracks here include radio sessions, live performances and demos by Fiddler and guitarist Ray Major prior to the band calling it a day.

Some came to reflect that had John Fiddler replaced Ian Hunter a couple of years earlier, ‘British Lions’ would have been a hit.

This album is now reissed by Think Like A Key Records with a bonus CD of the band live in San Francisco.

In this ‘roaring’ edition remastered by Prof. Stoned, every riff and lyric of their dynamic album pulsates with newfound vitality. This comprehensive release includes a 12-page booklet, offering insight into the band’s journey, along with revealing demos and a bonus disc capturing a historic moment from their acclaimed US tour at San Francisco’s iconic Old Waldorf venue. Transport yourself to the electric autumn of 1978 with this release, where the very essence of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion reverberates through each note.

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The Band

  • Morgan Fisher – keyboards
  • John Fiddler – guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Dale Griffin – drums
  • Ray Major – guitar, vocals
  • Pete Overend Watts – bass, vocals


  1. One More Chance To Run
  2. Wild in The Streets
  3. Break This Fool
  4. International Heroes
  5. Fork Talkin’ Man
  6. My Life in Your Hands
  7. Big Drift Away
  8. Booster
  9. Eat The Rich
  1. One More Chance To Run (radio)
  2. Break This Fool (radio)
  3. Wild In The streets (radio)
  4. Wild one (live)
  5. Eat The Rich Second Course (demo)
  6. Can’t Get over You (demo)
  7. Long Distance Love (demo)
  8. You Got Everything (demo)