Artist:       Jim McCarthy

Title:         Sitting on The Top Of Time

File:           Pop/Rock

Written at home in France, Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty’s second solo album ‘Sitting on The Top of Time’ was recorded with top notch session support between June 2006 and April 2008 in Toronto.

It occupies a similar musical space to Jim’s earlier progressive bands Renaissance and Illusion and has been described by him as being “about living in the present moment, everything coming from that state of mind, rather than trying be ahead of it, as I so often was.”

With McCarty’s acoustic guitars and Donald Quan’s piano to the fore, Ron Korb’s distinctive woodwinds, Steve Hackett’s lead guitar and bass from award-winning George Koller weave around inflected solo cello and other orchestration, adding depth with delicacy to McCarty’s melodic, soft rock compositions.

Released in 2009 on the Troubadour label, this 2023 reissue features five bonus tracks recorded in 2014 and adding lively counterpoint to the relative calm and ambience of the feature release.

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  1. The Outsider
    2. Blowing Through the Countryside
  2. Living From the Inside Out
  3. Hidden Nature
  4. For Eloise
  5. Temporary Life
  6. Near End of May
  7. Hummingbird
  8. Calling Out To You
  9. Sitting on The Top of Time
  10. Shangri-La

Bonus tracks

  1. Crying Out For Love
  2. Dream Within a Dream
  3. Storms and Sorrows
  4. The Neon Life
  5. It All Comes Around