Artist:     Deckchair Poets

Title:       Be My Pillow

File:        Rock/Pop

‘Be My Pillow’, the latest release from the prolific progressive rock ensemble Deckchair Poets measures not only the quality of material the band has stockpiled but its measure of music less frenetic, more laid-back.

It’s a truly beguiling, accessible and highly commercial affair blending band compositions with sparkling covers of standards ranging from Joe Jackson’s “Different for Girls” to Seattle band, Heart’s “Things” by way of ‘60s troubadour Donovan.


Lynden Williams (Jerusalem) vocals, Geoff Downes (Yes)  keyboards; Ollie Hannifan (Mister Kanish), guitars; Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train), drums and percussion; Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard) bass; and Rachael Hawnt (The Beautiful Secret) vocals.

Says Williams:

“We’ve always had material to hand in various stages of development and tracks are tried out against others to see how they sound together.

“Initially, I had no idea if we’d end up with a collection that would just be bin fodder,” he admits. “I only knew we had to deplete the pile of laid-back songs we’d accumulated.

“A lot of friends and fellow musicians who’ve heard it regard it as our best yet. I personally think that this different road we’ve ventured down has led us to a wonderful little beach where we can dance with the penguins, whilst hugging our teddy bears.

“This album’s one of those late night listening experiences, enjoyed as you drain the cocoa before falling into beddy-byes.”

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01 Different For Girls

02 Blue-Tinged Song

03 Ack-Ack Boy

04 Mad John’s Escape

05 Magnolia Walls

06 Years Of Blues

07 Things

08 Hey Girl

09 Stopwatch

10 You And I

11 Helicopters

12 Sink The Pink

13 Smile

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