Artist:    Krokus

Title:      Round 13   

File:       Hard Rock/Metal

Released June 21st 2024

1970s Platinum-selling Swiss hard rock/metal band Krokus successfully broke the US market in the ‘80s and forged a path through the live sector there and on continental Europe that has continued one way or another to this day.

In 1999, the band was back in the studio for 13th album, the appropriately-titled ‘Round 13’.

Welsh vocalist Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk, Geezer Butler Band) joined co-founder Fernando von Arb (guitars, keyboards), Chris Lauper (guitars), ex-Killer’s Many Maurer (bass) for Round 13, with ex-Calhoun Conquer drummer Peter Haas returning.

Fernando von Arb recalls: “I had wanted to revive the old Krokus but the band had all had babies and wanted to stay at home!

“So we stopped for a few years and then I went to the UK and found Carl: such a pro, a pleasure to work with. It’s a good album though on reflection I would have chosen a bigger studio: it was tiny!”

Krokus sold over 15 million records, toured the world, and received gold and platinum record awards in the USA and Canada. In its 50th year, the band continues to perform live.


  1. Heya
  2. Money Back
  3. Break Free
  4. Guitar Rules
  5. Blood Comes Easy
  6. Suck My Guitar
  7. Gipsy Love
  8. Whitchhunt
  9. Backstabber
  10. Wild Times