Artist:    Krokus

Title:      Stampede

File:       Hard Rock/Metal

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1970s Platinum-selling Swiss hard rock/metal band Krokus successfully broke the US market in the ‘80s and forged a path through the live sector there and on continental Europe that has continued one way or another to this day.

1990’s ‘Stampede’ marked Krokus’s return home from years recording and touring in the US.

It featured co-founder bass guitarist Fernando von Arb, former Headhunter vocalist Peter Tanner (ex-Bloody Six, Witchcraft) and guitarist Many Maurer (ex-Killer), drummer Peter Haas (ex-Calhoun Conquer) and guitarist Tony Castell.

Von Arb recalls: “It was a chance to do something new, liberated from the insistent demands of US management and labels to perform as they saw fit, always chasing the next hit single.

“Recording it was sheer pleasure, pure fun with younger musicians, and it stands up well still today.”

Krokus sold over 15 million records, toured the world, and received gold and platinum record awards in the USA and Canada. In its 50th year, the band continues to perform live.


  1. Stampede
  2. Electric Man
  3. Rock ‘n’ Roll Gypsy
  4. Shotgun Boogie
  5. Nova-Zano
  6. Street Love
  7. Good Times
  8. She Drives Me Crazy
  9. In the Heat of the Night
  10. Rhythm of Love
  11. Wasteland
  12. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet