“Harmogram Suite powerfully argues that Marvin Ayres’ string playing is one of the loveliest things one might possibly hear, and it’s especially ravishing when presented in multi-layered form. Rather than hearing the material as if it’s coming towards the listener, he/she instead feels enveloped by it, especially when Ayres’ playing is heard in its fullest orchestral form.”Textura

“I wanted to create something orchestral, a large-scale piece which exclusively utilises acoustic classical instruments – which eventually turned out even larger than originally planned”.

This highly individual and compelling work from British modern-classical composer and performer Ayres is in the best tradition of his diverse back catalogue of minimalist albums incorporating special soundscapes and psycho-acoustics. ‘Harmogram Suite’ is Ayres’ term to describe his hybridizing harmonics, harmony and hologram.

In six movements and written for cello and string orchestra, the result is over-dubbed with 140 layers, Marvin playing each and every instrument and part but for the fifth movement, which employs a choir. Fan Martyn Ware (Human League/Heaven 17) suggested it be mixed in 3D, with the intention of giving live performances, in combinations of players and 3D Sound System Orchestra. The result is a unique, modern classical composition.

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Artist:     Marvin Ayres

Title:       Harmogram Suite

File:         Classical/Ambient

Label:      Singsong Music

Format:  Digital album

Cat:          SINGSONG144

UPC:        5060683670650

Date:       May 28th 2021


Track Listing


1.              Movement One – Underture

2.              Movement Two

3.              Movement Three

4.              Movement Four

5.              Movement Five

6.              Lament