Artist:   Mo Foster

Title:      Bass Plus

File:       Jazz/Fusion

Label:    Singsong Music

Format: Digital album

Cat:        SINGSONG178

UPC:      5060683670872

Rel:        November 18th 2022

British bassist and composer Mo Foster has performed on 300 albums, contributing to recordings by the likes of Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Gil Evans, George Martin, Gerry Rafferty, Brian May, Gary Moore, Ringo Starr, and Scott Walker.

His career as go-to session player came after playing with progressive rock act Affinity along with his releasing a slew of acclaimed solo albums during the 1980s and ‘90s.

Mo with Affinity

‘BASS PLUS’ is a dip into this later repertoire.

A specially-curated selection of the most ambient and chilled instrumental recordings imaginable, it’s trademarked by the artist’s exemplarily sinewy and imaginative playing abetted by contributions from a roll-call of musical talent including Gary Moore, Ray Russell, Rod Argent, Simon Phillips, Frank Ricotti, Ray Warleigh, Iain Bellamy, Gary Husband amongst others.

Mo with Jeff Beck’s band on tour

Mo Foster has contributed to film music scores including Clockwise, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, and Revenge of the Pink Panther.

Mo continues to perform live with his band, ‘Friends’.

His solo releases meanwhile are slated for reissue by Singsong Music over the forthcoming months.


The Tracks


  1. Waves
  2. Time to Think
  3. Jaco
  4. Hot Buttered Cats
  5. Shades of Grey
  6. Tradewinds
  7. A Notional Anthem
  8. The Man From The Everglades
  9. Pump II
  10. On Frith Street
  11. Crete Revisited
  12. Fractal Landscape
  13. The Light in Your Eyes


The Performers

Mo Foster                           All Basses, Keyboards, Programming

Simon Phillips                   Drums

Gary Moore                       Electric Guitar

Stan Sulzman                    Soprano Sax

Ray Russell                        Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Frank Ricotti                     Vibraphone

Peter Van Hooke               Percussion, Electronic Percussion

Rod Argent                         Keyboards

Dave Defries                      Trumpet

Sal Gallina                          Electronic Wind Instrument

Gary Husband                  Drums, Fender Electric Piano

Ray Warleigh                    Flute, Alto Flute, Piccolo

Iain Ballamy                      Soprano Sax

Stuart Brookes                  Trumpet

Greg Knowles                    Percussion

Geoff Castle                        Keyboards

Julian Littman                   Mandolin

Snail’s-Pace Slim               Electric Slide Guitar

Karen Bates                        Voice

Simon Chamberlain          Grand Piano, Church Organ, Piano

Dave Hartley                      Piano

Phil Peskett                          Piano, Keyboards

Nick Brown                         Electric Piano

Ralph Salmins                    Drums

Corrina Silvester                Percussion

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