Artist:     MOTT

Title:       Live at the LA Forum 1975

File:        Rock/Pop

Rel:         March 15th 2024

Recorded live at The Forum, Los Angeles, California on December 5th 1975 this set captures the band that arose from the remains of Mott the Hoople after Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs left, with gusto.

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Overend Watts took over as primary song writer and band leader with Morgan Fisher adding layers of keyboard colour and Dale Griffin powering the kit from the drum stool.

Guitarist Ray Major was now on board as was vocalist Nigel Benjamin and both stand up to their roles brilliantly.

Their night at the LA Forum shines with Doors, Lou Reed and Hoople covers and then-new material such as “The Great White Wail”, “Love Now” and “She Does It”.

Recorded onto 2-track tape straight from the mixing desk means no possibility of remixing or overdubbing, keeping this prime slice of rock ‘n roll as fresh as the night as it was minted: raw, dirty, in-yer-face.





  1. Storm
  2. By Tonight
  3. Born Late ‘58
  4. She Does It
  5. Love Now
  6. Medley: It Takes One To Know One
  7. Sweet Jane
  8. Violence