Artist:     MOTT

Title:       Live at Friars Aylesbury 1976

File:        Rock/Pop

Rel:         March 1st 2024

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Recorded live at Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England for the Friars Club 7th birthday party of June 12th 1976 this selection of five songs from a full-on set by the band that arose from the ashes of Mott The Hoople catches them at their blistering best.

Legend has it Mott always played with their amps turned up and would frequently overload the mixing desk. These tracks survive as being all that could be commercially presentable from the night.

Opener “Storm” is precisely that as is “Collision Course” evidencing how this band had lost none of its potency post-departure of Ian Hunter and Mick Ralphs. Along with original Hoople trio Dale Griffin, Overend Watts and Morgan Fisher, newly-recruited Ray Major (guitar) and Nigel Benjamin (vocals) do a fine job of hopping into their shoes.

Recorded onto two-track tape straight from the mixing desk keeps Mott at The Friars raw and takes you back to that place, that night, that volume rock ‘n’ roll, capturing perfectly what is regarded as one of the best gigs ever held at that iconic venue.




  1. Storm
  2. The Great White Wail
  3. Collision Course
  4. Hold on, You’re Crazy
  5. She Does It