Artist:     Mott

Title:       Live at the Agora Ballroom 1975

File:        Rock/Pop

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When it came to raw, dirty and live, Mott excelled.

Recorded at the Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio on November 26th 1975 onto two-track tape straight from the mixing desk (no possibility of remixing or overdubbing), this set by the band that rose from the ashes of Mott The Hoople finds the original trio Dale Griffin, Overend Watts and Morgan Fisher joined by Ray Major and Nigel Benjamin in fine form.

Showcasing their own material (“By Tonight”, “The Great White Wail”) along with one of their in/famous medleys bagging up the old band’s “Rock ‘N Roll Queen”, Lou Reed’s “Sweet Jane” and Griffin’s “It Takes One To Know One”, this brief but epic record of the night stamps how all live music should sound.

In-yer-face and unadulterated, this captures a moment in time for all posterity.




  1. By Tonight
  2. The Great White Wail
  3. Medley: Rock ‘N Roll Queen/It Takes one To Know One/Sweet Jane