Artist:              Pilgrim

Title:                Search for The Dreamchild

File:                  New Age/World

Available now to download or stream  via this link

By contrast to his blues/psych/rock super-group, Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarthy‘s 1990’s band Pilgrim was musically closer to his time with progressive acts Renaissance, Illusion and further still, their New Age successor, Stairway.

Pilgrim’s debut release recorded in 1998, ‘In Search For the Dreamchild’’ is soothing and meditative in tone, taking in electronic, folk tropes underpinning new age philosophies and musical textures.

In common with its successor, ‘Gothic Dream’ – also reissued by Singsong Music – the album blends classical and medieval music in a mix of songs and instrumentals composed by McCarty.

The line-up constituted McCarty, who had broadened his reach from percussion to take in guitar and keyboards, Tania Matchett on vocals, and ex-Rubette John Richardson, vocals.

The new album displayed influences from classical and medieval music, and particularly reflected McCarty’s growing interest in matters spiritual.

“During the band’s last years, Yardbirds’ guitarist Keith Relf and I had something of a spiritual awakening,” he says.

“We became interested in the paranormal, psychic phenomena, UFOs, Buddhism, and more mellow music, a polarity to the heavy blues we’d played for several years. It was refreshing.”

With growing interest today in ‘music for wellbeing’, the door re-opens to Pilgrim and their remit to engage and relax.


  1. Overture
  2. Agnes Dei
  3. Barefoot Angel
  4. Bound to Desire
  5. Devotion
  6. Stay
  7. Eternal Dance
  8. Conquest
  9. Seduction
  10. Longing