Artist:             Stray

Title:               About Time

File:                 Rock

Stray is the epitome of the rock ‘n roll survivor.

The British band, fronted by guitarist Del Bromham, has been about for much of the past half century in which time it’s recorded a slew of acclaimed albums featuring standouts such as “Time Machine” and “All in Your Mind”, both faves on rock compilations down through the ages.  

  Stray’s Bromham

2023’s ‘About Time’ keeps the flame burning. It’s a standout release packed with pile drivers counterpointed by slower numbers and as always, the dabs of psych and prog that’s long hallmarked the eclectic nature of the band’s output.

Stray live The Stables, Milton Keynes

All compositions are by Bromham: “I favour songs with purpose and narrative and have some pretty strong feelings about social injustice. It’s all about messaging entertainment”, he says.

Release of ‘About Time’ coincides with publication of Bromham’s autobiography, the aptly named ‘Rock ‘N Roll Survivor’.

Stream and download the album now  via this link

Buy the CD of the album, out now on Talking Elephants Records

Stray play UK dates later this year (2023).

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  1. I Am
  2. Living the Dream
  3. Black Sun
  4. Blood From a Stone 
  5. Shout    
  6. Better Day         
  7. Sword of Damocles    


  1. That is Not Enough
  2. Raise Your Hand
  3. Dust in Your Pocket