Artist:     Shiva Jones

Title:       Red Truck

File:         Americana/Rock

Following up his band Kala’s ‘Tumbleweed Dreams’ career compilation, former Quintessence singer Phil ‘Shiva’ Jones keeps his foot on the gas pedal with this single tribute to America’s road relationship with the pick-up truck.

Muscular southern rocking Americana is the order of the day here on “Red Truck”, a playful celebration of the open road with a powerhouse performance from Jones.

When Quintessence folded in 1972, Australia-born Jones and guitarist Dave ‘Maha Dev’ Codling formed Kala and recorded it’s1973 self-titled debut, reissued in 2020 by Singsong Music with raucous live bonus material.

While Quintessence’s music crossed the Grateful Dead and Hendrix with Ravi Shankar, Kala was all about Americana.

Today located in Idaho, USA, Shiva Jones is working on new material.

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  1. Red Truck