We are really delighted to announce the release of Zorbonauts – ‘The Unobserved Beaver’ in CD format by our friends at Talking Elephant Records!

‘The Unobserved Beaver’ stands up on its four furry feet as a masterpiece of invention and interpretation and is flecked deliciously by storming covers of Cream’s ‘Badge’, and Hendrix classic ‘Stone Free’, says the Elephant of the Beaver.

The Progressive Aspect says: “…the sound of top notch musicians cutting loose and having fun. It’s crunchy heavy sound is accessible and melodic, and the songs are engaging.”

Musique Machine adds: “… pure unadulterated classic 1970s tinged rock music … the band are top-notch, the musicianship on display here is of the very highest standard …  they sound like they’re having the time of their lives.”

That covers it nicely, we say!

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Read about the making of the album  via this link