With a line-up comprising the alumni of Spock’s Beard, Tears for Fears, Asia, The Buggles, Yes, Big Big Train, Genesis, Jerusalem, Eric Burdon and Iron Butterfly amongst others, you know  Zorbonauts’ latest album is going to have quality stamped through it. And you would be right.

Check out who’s in the picture:

Lynden Williams (Jerusalem) – vocals; Geoff Downes (Yes) – keyboards; Ollie Hannifan (Mister Kanish) – guitars; Nick D’Virgilio (Big Big Train) – drums & percussion; Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard) – bass guitar; Rachael Hawnt (The Beautiful Secret) – vocals, along with guests Bob Cooke (Jerusalem) – additional guitars, and Rachel Hall  (Big Big Train, Stackridge) – violin.

The album sounds as good as the line-up looks.

‘The Unobserved Beaver’ stands up on its four furry feet as a masterpiece of invention and interpretation and is flecked deliciously by storming covers of Cream’s  ‘Badge’, and Hendrix classic ‘Stone Free’.

Cover art is by the mega-talented Sarah-Jane Szikora. And that title? Well, take a look and work it out!


Read about the making of the album  via this link

Listen to the album now  via this link


Artist: Zorbonauts

Title:   The Unobserved Beaver

File:     Progressive Rock

Format: Digital Album

Label:  Singsong Music

Cat:      SINGSONG110

UPC:   5060683670230

Rel:     July 24th 2020



  1. Don’t Give A Monkeys
  2. Over The Chasm
  3. Mississippi Summer
  4. Shangri-La
  5. Badge
  6. Spiders’ Rendezvous
  7. My Death In Germany
  8. Stone Free
  9. Sick!
  10. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse