Artist:  Kevin Ayers/Lady June/Ollie Halsall

Title:   The Happening Combo

File:     Rock/Experimental

Out-takes and re-workings of songs recorded between 1980 and 1997 by Canterbury Scenists KEVIN AYERS and LADY JUNE and guitar ace OLLIE HALSALL measure mutualism, originality and independence of spirit to the full on this latest Singsong Music release.

Recorded in Deia, Majorca and New York, they entwine on Singsong Music release, ‘The Happening Combo’ (SINGSONG102).  They sing, they talk, there is much wine …

“They sound like they were enjoying themselves … a celebration of upmarket hippy lifestyle and self-expression; happily an enduring legacy…” R’NR Magazine ***

“… the album radiates contented, heavy-lidded decadence baked into inertia under the Majorcan sun and implicitly underwritten by empty wine bottles rolling down the drive.” Record Collector ****

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  1. OLLIE HALSALL – Issue Is Or Issue Ain’t
  2. KEVIN AYERS – Speeding Heart
  3. LADY JUNE – Gemini
  4. OLLIE HALSALL – Somebody Mean
  5. KEVIN AYERS – Lay Lady Lay
  6. LADY JUNE – Sea Cake
  7. OLLIE HALSALL – Leaving It All Behind
  8. LADY JUNE – Out Of Season
  9. KEVIN AYERS – Gimme A Little Bit
  10. OLLIE HALSALL – Ghost Train
  11. LADY JUNE – Fleas Dream Too
  12. MARVIN SIAU – Another Time Before

And that name? Where did that come from?

The answer: this 1980 photo of Ollie, Kevin and their friend and musician, Marvin Siau – curator of this release – taken outside Kevin’s house in the hills of Majorca, one hot summer’s day …

Kevin Ayers‘ essayist Martin Wakeling and Ayers band member Marvin Siau recall these recordings here at Singsong Music …