Artist:    Nick Simper’s   Fandango

Title:      Future Times

File:       Hard Rock/Classic Rock

After the welcome reception given to band debut ‘Slipstreaming’, Nick Simper’s Fandango was to follow up in 1980 with an equally solid set in ‘Future Times’.

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A founding member of Deep Purple, British music veteran Simper formed Fandango in the late 1970s post-retirement of his hard rocking Warhorse, famed for two noteworthy albums on the collectible Vertigo label.

  Fandango in Nuremberg, 1979.

The line-up now comprising Nick Simper (bass), along with ex-Warhorse guitarist Pete Parks, drummer Mac Poole and vocalist Jim Proops,’ Future Times complements its predecessor well, blending accessible heavy rock with mellower moments .

Bonus tracks find the band moving to a more mainstream/AOR including a 1983-recorded cover of Russ Ballard’s “Is My Love in Vain”, Procul Harum keyboardist Matthew Fisher guesting, released as a single with B-side the Fandango-penned “The Point of No Return.”

While well-received by classic rock fans (not least of all Deep Purple’s), it was to be Fandango’s last album, Simper moving on to pastures new notably the relaunch of ‘70s cult, Quatermass.


  1. Pull Out & Start Again
  2. I’ll Never Get Over You
  3. Get Down, Lay Down
  4. She Was My Friend
  5. Future Times
  6. Undercover Man
  7. Something’s Burning
  8. Hard Drink & Easy Woman
  9. Is My Love In Vain
  10. The Point Of No Return