Artist:  The Paper Bags

Title:    Kristmas Krackers

File:     Rock/Humour

A Christmas 1976 session by the now defunct British rock legends MOTT was to yield this anarchic festive offering of instrumental takes on seasonal songs.

Behind the ‘Kristmas Krackers’ sessions lay the talents of drummer Dale ‘Buffin’ Griffin, keyboard wizard Morgan Fisher,  bassist Pete ‘Overend’ Watts and guitarist Ray Major.

Getting their heads into Christmas 1976, Bag 3 (Dale Griffin), Bag 1 (Morgan Fisher, Bag 2 (Ray Major), Bag 4 (Overend Watts)

So named The Paper Bags for the project, period images show band members’ heads covered with the titular packaging assumedly in a bid for anonymity from dissenters of high jinks!

In addition to the title track medley, the japesters’ relentless spoofing of cherished Christmas songs and carols continued, laying waste to history and the memory of Scrooge while memorably sending up Steeleye Span’s 1972 Christmas hit “Gaudete” in the immortal ‘”Golders Green”.

Until now only available on a compilation of Mott out-takes and rarities, ‘Kristmas Krackers’ is rounded off with the Bags’ crazed punk-stomp single release, “Drat”, reissued here for the first time.

Christmas was never to sound the same again – having purged this mayhem out of their systems the MOTT survivors got serious and recruited former Medicine Head singer-songwriter John Fiddler to reform as British Lions.

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  1. Krazy Kristmas Krackers
  2. Pass The Port, Gramps
  3. The Million Ton Snowflake
  4. Golders Green (Stomp)
  5. The Spook Meets The Kook
  6. Drat!