NEWS: Maggie Bell catches the Midnight Flyer …

Great rock bands get to be via great songs, impactful performance and the sheer weight of being: in a word, ‘pedigree’. It’s particularly appropriate to British 1980s act, Midnight Flyer. Prior to formation in 1980, its members had notched the likes of Stone The Crows, Streetwalkers, Whitesnake, Savoy Brown, Foghat, Hudson Ford, Jim Capaldi and Leo Sayer among many others onto their belts.

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Midnight Flyer – Midnight Flyer (SINGSONG112)

Fronted by one of the finest female vocalists the UK has ever produced, Midnight Flyer was made up of vastly-experienced musicians, pooled from the cream of British rock talent in Stone The Crows, Streetwalkers, Whitesnake, Savoy Brown, Foghat, Hudson Ford, Jim Capaldi and Leo Sayer among many others.

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NEWS: Shiva’s Quintessence – Glastonbury pioneers come to Singsong …

Singsong Music is delighted to be reissuing the Shiva’s Quintessence catalogue along with new material by band mainman Phil ‘Shiva’ Jones during 2020. It’s timely given this legendary band’s place in a key moment in rock history …

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PODCAST: Crashing Parties with Lady June, Kevin Ayers, and Brian Eno Ghost Echoes explores the lush tapestries behind 1974’s Linguistic Leprosy …

Ghost Echoes visits Maida Vale for a run-in with some spirited souls ...

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Zorbonauts – ‘The Unobserved Beaver’ (SINGSONG110)

With a line-up comprising the alumni of Spock’s Beard, Tears for Fears, Asia, The Buggles, Yes, Big Big Train, Genesis, Jerusalem, Eric Burdon and Iron Butterfly amongst others, you know Zorbonauts’ latest album is going to have quality stamped through it.

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Alan Hull – ‘Alright On The Night’ (Live at Clifton Poly 1975) (SINGSONG107)

Recorded in November 1975 at Nottingham’s Clifton Polytechnic, "Alright On The Night" showcases brilliantly how maverick Lindisfarne front man, Alan Hull could win over an audience with warmth, wit and a generosity of spirit!

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE – Jerusalem – ‘Escalator’ (SINGSONG114)

2009’s ‘Escalator’ was a re-emergence album of sorts for this British hard rock act, founded in 1969 with a self-titled debut on the legendary Deram label. Fast forward almost four decades and original vocalist, Lynden Williams and guitarist, Bob Cooke decided to record a new album after Sony Music (Japan) reissued Jerusalem’s self-titled debut in its popular Rock Legend Series.

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