NEW AUDIO RELEASE – Nick Simper’s Fandango – Slipstreaming (SINGSONG214)

A founding member of Deep Purple, British music veteran Nick Simper formed Fandango in the late 1970s post-retirement of his hard-rocking act Warhorse, famed for two noteworthy albums on the collectible Vertigo label.

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FEATURE: Mott’s 1976 Paper Bags Christmas Special gets opened by Morgan Fisher

A curio in the canon of recordings by Britain’s mighty Mott The Hoople must be the band’s successors’ – under the moniker of MOTT – trampling of festive music in December 1976.

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NEW AUDIO RELEASE: Stairway – Medicine Dance (SINGSONG203)

From an idea by Malcolm Stern and Carmen Wilcox, 1992’s ‘Medicine Dance’ by Jim (Yardbirds) McCarty's band Stairway is a journey in the Shamanic tradition of the Native American Indians and their insight into the magic of animal archetypes in relation to medicine and healing.

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