Singsong Music is delighted to be adminstering the recordings copyrights of live performances, studio rarities and unreleased material by the legendary Ian Gillan Band.

After leaving Deep Purple in June 1973, Gillan – one of rock music’s greatest and best-known vocalists – had retired from the music business to pursue other business ventures.

That was to change after the reception he received guesting at Roger Glover’s Butterfly Ball show at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in October 1975 prompted him to resume a singing career and form a new band.

We’re starting off firstly with the band’s historic performance at London’s Rainbow Theatre: ‘Live At The Rainbow 1977’ before moving on to the band’s rousing set in Hiroshima the previous month, sandwiching on the way two albums’ worth of irresistible rarities from guitarist Ray Fenwick’s archives.

Says Singsong Music director, Peter Muir:

“We’re so pleased to be sharing Ian Gillan Band’s recordings with home listener audiences and professionals looking to place music in broadcast media.

“This band is perhaps inevitably over-shadowed by Ian’s work with Deep Purple yet it yielded terrific rock albums with bold and energetic genre-fusions that have stood the test of time well.”

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